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Cyber Security Fraud

Today Cyber Security is as necessary as air is to us. Today's connected world leaves us vulnerable to loss. Unfortunately crooks are out in Cyberspace and they are watching. Lenders, Realtors and Customers are at risk. Follow the four steps outlined and you can be bettered prepared, however keep in mind that common sense is your best defense.

Security Steps are:

Step 1 Have a secured email server.

Step 2 Have a defined procedure regarding the transaction.

Step 3 Setup a policy that changes to the agreed funds transfer MUST be communicated by phone by the agents.

Step 4 Set a policy that last minute changes are a RED flag and requires all parties to provide approval verbally and have a signed authorization document.

We at All Real Estate Title Solutions follow these steps to protect our customers and partners during the transaction. Ask us about it and how we can help you be better prepared.

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