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Title Insurance and Settlement Services

All Real Estate Title Insurance is Tampa's premier Title Company, serving the community for over 25 years. We have the best quality service, offering cutting-edge technology and bilingual personal to serve you in your language. 
Protect Your Most Important Investment
Buying a home will probably be the most important investment you will make in your life, You insure everything that you consider valuable, such as your life, car, health, etc., so why not insure your most important investment? With a single payment, the owner title insurance protects your property rights as long as you or your heirs own the home.

What Is Title Insurance

The owner's title insurance is a policy the homebuyer obtains to protect against possible claims on the title. This means that the owner's title insurance protects the buyer's property rights.

How It Protects

Obtaining an owner title insurance policy is the best way to be protected against unforeseen legal and financial discrepancies over the title of the property.

Some examples of unforeseen lawsuits include:

  • Pending mortgages and lawsuits or lien against the property for non-payment of taxes from the seller.

  • Legal action is pending against the property that could affect you.

  • Undisclosed heir of a previous owner who claims ownership of the property.

If a problem does arise, the insurance company will pay to have the problem resolved for the client. (Clear the title) If the problem can’t be solved the insurance company will pay you the price you paid for the home. That’s peace of mind.


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Manage the growth of your portfolio with unprecedented visibility, efficiency, and organization.


Increase visibility into your business’s performance and avoid using multiple tools to complete one transaction.

Buyers & Sellers

Get real-time updates on your closing at any time with easy-to-use web and mobile apps.


Order closings directly through Qualia, then receive real-time updates and an automated post closing process.

Real Estate Sources

Our significant resources have been helpful to countless realtors, lenders, investors, buyers, and sellers, who have preferred us as their title company. Whether you use our services or not, the most important thing for us is to reach out and be prepared for when you need us! 



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