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What Do We do?

At All Real Estate Title Solutions we make sure that the title to your home is legitimate and clear. This is a tedious process. We look under every stone we also engage top companies to ensure that the real estate title is clear. We also have services that can warn you of any potential issues with surveys, easements, and sinkholes.

Once complete we put our money where our mouth is by issuing you a title insurance policy. Through our best-of-breed partners, we protect lenders and owners against claims on your home due to the real estate title.

We then engage our escrow account services with banking institutions thus making sure the funds are available at closing.  We also ensure that the funds are used only for settlement and closing costs, thereby protecting all parties.

During the real estate closing, we will explain all documents to you in plain English or Spanish so that you understand what you are signing. We collect all the closing costs and distribute the appropriate funds.

Finally, we file the new titles, deeds, and other documents with the appropriate entities.

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