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Figure out your closing cost

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When selling a house this question always comes up. Yet getting a straight answer becomes a challenge. Ever wonder why? There are many reasons for this. Below are the things to keep in mind. We also made it easy by providing a calculator for you so you can get the details. 

Closing Fee:

This is the title servicing fee. This is the charge the title company charges for all the services of researching the chain of title, resolving with all parties any discrepancies, aggregate all municipal fees and fines to clear liens and coordinate with all parties the closing time. This also includes with some agencies the time to explain all items found and explain all documents presented at closing. 

Title Policy:

This is the cost for the insurance coverage itself. This protects you by providing assurances and insurance if any title issues where not found through research.

Title Search:

These are the third party fees to conduct the initial title search. This will indicate what is on the title that can stop the sale of the property.


These are third party fees to conduct the code and permit lien searches, This indicates any municipal encumbrances that will prevent the title from being transferred. 

Deed Doc Stamps:

These are the fee by the state to pay for the Documentary tariffs due. These are based on the transfer amount.

Release Fee:

These are the fees that pays for the wire out and recording of the release of the

HOA Estoppel:

This is only pertinent if an HOA is present for the property. These figures will be an estimate and is different on a case by case basis. This fee covers the fee charged by the association to generate an Estoppel Certificate.  An Estoppel certificate contains owners information, parcel designation, address, assessments and other information.  


Based on the title report and governing municipality.

Tax Proation:

These are taxes due on the property from the last tax period up to the day of sale.

Now these are only the costs from the seller side.  Keep in mind that there are cost for the buyer as well. Depending on your contract some of these may also be the responsibility of the seller. Keep aware that you are not paying more than your fair share. Negotiate fairly and have your Realtor help you, they have a wealth of information in these matters.

Now that you are more informed fill out the form below and get access to the closing cost calculator. 

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