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Welcome to our Agent Page

We at ARETSI recognize exemplary Realtor and Agents. We admire what they have accomplished for our industry, and customers. Our hats off to them. May their stories inspire you. 

ARETSI Circle of Excellence!

We at ARETSI have created a recognition program for Agents that have gone above and beyond the call of duty. We believe that accomplishments and exceptional service should be highlighted.  


However don't take this recognition lightly. We have been in the real estate business for over twenty years and we understand what makes a great agent. Additionally, it is our reputation, therefore, we take careful consideration reviewing who makes the list.


This is what it takes to make the list!


  • You must be a member of our site. - This way we can review you.

  • First and foremost we must have first-hand knowledge of their accomplishments.

    • It is not good enough to look good on paper they must walk the walk.

  • We must have dealt directly with them on their transactions.

    • Hearsay won't work.

  • They must have strong customer referrals. 

  • They must have a proven track record of transactions.

  • They must have been an active agent for at least three years or have an exceptional growth rate of satisfied customers.

To be considered Contact Us!


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