The coffee break with ARETSI

This is an initiative created to offer valuable information to the real estate community, which allows us to meet in different places to share experiences about daily work in the real estate industry.

This event is completely free and allows Real Estate brokers to keep their teams updated.

It is made up of small groups, as in this opportunity we had the privilege of having Avenue Homes, a real estate agency led by Mariam Serra, who kindly opened the doors for us to enjoy quality time with her and her team, which we are very pleased with.

If you want your team to be part of this incredible initiative contact us at (813) 876-4373

IBUYER Mastermind

Know Them - Defeat Them 

On Thursday, October 3, the event IBUYER, mastermind Know Them - Defeat Them, took place at the premises of the Rusty Pelican restaurant, in this event teach the effect that the IBUYER has caused in the Real Estate market and learn how to defeat them without going broke.

Due to the need in the real estate market to keep up with the new technologies and the challenge they represent, as well as the strong competition they bring we have decided to hold an event called:

"IBUYER Mastermind - Know-Them / Defeat-Them"

This time we will cover the issue of the IBUYER and its effect on the real estate market. This is a CRITICAL topic for Realtors. We have leaders that will educate us on who they are, how they work, how they are taking business away from agents, and how to best win against them.

We want to thank the excellent support the sponsors given to us for the Ibuyers event, LoanDepot, Lebron Group, Bay Area, Jzmortgage, Old Republic, Palm Beach Quote, HEA, and Fred Stalls, and Mutual of Omaha Mortgage and Florida Direct Homes events. thank you very much for all.

Our Spring Lunch & Learn had a great turn out!

This real estate seminar was a success! Many realtors got to discover the benefits of HEA and plenty of lending opportunities to increase their businesses. At first, we were nervous that not enough agents would show but we ended up changing to a larger venue at the Rusty Pelican and filling the grand ballroom at that. Business cards were exchanged, friends were made, and a real estate network was developed. We are so thankful for our sponsors at Lebron Group Survey and Silver Hill Funding, who helped fund the event, Thank You! And to everyone who came out, we can't wait to see you at the next event! Find more pictures on IG, FB, and Twitter.

Year End Party was Awesome!

What a night! The event was amazing. We had fun and enjoyed our time with friends. We celebrated our success with our partners and made plans to make 2019 even better. 

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