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A Tony Robbins Peak
Performance Workshop

In a strategic alliance between Tony Robbins Team Tampa Bay and All Real Estate Title Solutions, we have enabled a wide variety of real estate agents to achieve better performance in their daily work.

With the support of Scott Gass, an international presenter and motivational speaker, who has done an incredible job helping high-performing teams reach their true potential, today he puts his skills and knowledge to use to help real estate agents turn their weaknesses. in strengths and thus achieve better performance in their daily work and most importantly get that motivator that allows them to achieve their professional and personal goals.

Century 21 Rosa Leon Awards

This year the Century 21 Rosa Leon Awards were held where All Real Estate Title had a prominent role in which it received an award of appreciation for the services provided to this Real Estate Broker for several years. The award was presented by Rosa Leon and Yandy Estrada respectively.

On behalf of ARETSI, we want to thank this recognition and take the opportunity to praise the work done by Century 21 Rosa Leon during her years of professional career.