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10 ways you (yes, you) can become a real estate leader

La industria necesita líderes. ¿Porque no tu? Descubra cómo ser voluntario, mentor y más, y sepa adónde ir para intensificar.

I’ve talked before about the reasons that more women need to be looking for ways to take on leadership roles in the real estate industry, but the reality is that everyone needs to be looking for ways to give back to the professional community that gives us so much. Different perspectives and different ideas make every group better, and real estate is no exception.

Often, people with the best of intentions have trouble making time to seek out volunteer and leadership opportunities, so we’ve taken the hard part out of the process. Below you’ll find 10 great ideas for becoming a real estate, along with an overview of contact information and links so you can hop on board. (For those that are local, contact your local or state association, Board of Realtors, Chamber of Commerce, or other professional resources.)

Volunteer or run for office with your real estate association

If you’re not already, seek out ways to get involved with your local, regional, state, or national real estate association. There you’ll find committees, training opportunities, events, and more, and you’ll get to know some of the heavy hitters in your area — that’s great for building your referral network.

Actively attend industry conferences and events

What is active attendance? It means that you use the event for learning, growth, networking, and more. You follow up with the people you meet. You get involved in planning, or you volunteer to help.

Most of all, you make space in your schedule to immerse yourself in the event. Make sure your clients are taken care of back at home and don’t schedule other work-related virtual meetings while you’re away. Give yourself the gift of taking full advantage of the events you attend.

Serve on a committee

Whether it’s at your local association, your Chamber of Commerce, your brokerage, or another professional organization, committees often keep the wheels greased. Find a committee that aligns with your gifts and interests.

For example, you may want to serve on a social or event committee if you’re a natural connector, on a membership committee if you’re gifted at communicating, or on a steering committee if you’re great at organization and number-crunching.

Mentor or coach other real estate professionals

Want to leave a big mark on the industry? Help to provide up close and personal leadership to the next generation of real estate pros. Whether you start your own coaching business or mentor one or two close colleagues, you’re ensuring that your wisdom is carried forward and never forgotten, even after you’ve retired.

Become a trainer

Many local and state associations provide opportunities for you to become a real estate faculty member. Here again, you can lean into your interests and teach classes that make sense for your background and knowledge base. From social media marketing to ethics, there are a wide variety of classes that need experienced agents and brokers to teach them.

Become an industry thought leader

Create your own blog, podcast, or video channel. Speak on a panel or in a session at an upcoming event. Contribute content to industry publications. Connect with the media and reach the broader community. Write a book. Share your knowledge and build your professional authority while educating consumers and other Realtors.

Develop a specialty niche

If you’re the only real estate professional who can do what you do, or if you have developed a deep-down body of knowledge on some obscure aspect of real estate, you’re contributing to the industry already. This type of specialization can lead to opportunities for recognition as an industry expert, serving on advisory boards, and educating others.

Run for office or become a board member

Perhaps you should run for the local city council, county commission, planning commission, or school board. Become part of the real estate board that governs your market. While we often bemoan the bureaucracies of large organizations, much of their gridlock comes from having the same old entrenched interests in charge year after year. Be the new blood that shakes things up and gets things done in your area.

Develop a robust professional network

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

If that proverb resonates with you, take a look at how you’re employing it in your life. When is the last time you reached out to someone new? Asked a local leader to lunch? Reached out to a new agent just to get to know them better?

If you spend all of your time talking to the same few colleagues, you’re missing out on the advantages that new perspectives and new strategies can provide. Make sure you’re growing your network and you’ll naturally come across opportunities, partnerships, and collaborations that grow your impact.

Continue your education and training

The more you know, the better equipped you’ll be to take on all of these challenges. You’ll expand your professional network, increase your influence and make yourself better qualified to take on a variety of leadership roles. Whether you obtain a new certification or designation, become a broker, or go back to school for a business degree, you’ll open yourself up and expand your horizons.

Forget what you think a leader looks like, acts like, or sounds like. When you put yourself out there and engage with the industry, your community, and your colleagues, you create your own version of leadership — one that will inspire others as well.

By Christy Murdock

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