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13 must-have real estate tech tools for agents in 2022

Here are the top tools we use in our business, plus the top real estate tech tool of all time.

Technology is creating efficiencies that could not have been imagined just a few years ago. If you are to have your best year possible in 2022, you will be leveraging real estate tech tools. The following are my favorites.

1. Homebot

Homebot delivers a detailed, monthly email that provides valuation changes, mortgage options, and a complete analysis of the equity a homeowner has in their home. This automated, monthly report includes the agent’s branding and the most detailed breakdown of the home as an asset that I’ve ever seen. With a jaw-dropping 75 percent email open rate, it is clear that homeowners love the data-driven, client-centric reports as well.

Homebot is one of my favorite tools for consistently adding value to homeowners.

2. BombBomb

BombBomb’s software gives you the ability to record and send video emails or texts from your computer or smartphone. The use of video, instead of standard text in emails or texts, personalizes your communication and allows your interaction to be as much like a face-to-face meeting as possible.

The ease of use is amazingly simple. BombBomb also provides the ability to record a video of your screen, with your picture in a smaller box, walking clients through presentations or contracts.

BombBomb is my favorite tool for personalizing and deepening relationships.


FOREWARN provides instant knowledge about the people you may be meeting for the first time. This app is extremely effective for agents to do a quick background check before showings or meetings. Whether you have someone’s name, address, or phone number, a quick search on the app will provide some details about the individual you are about to meet.

When it comes to agent safety, FOREWARN is the best app I’m aware of.

4. TubeBuddy

TubeBuddy is a browser extension and mobile app that integrates directly into YouTube to help you run your channel more efficiently. It helps you find high-performing video topics and put together the perfect title and tags for your videos to provide the most organic traffic possible.

TubeBuddy is my go-to source for optimizing a video’s organic reach.

5. CamScanner

CamScanner is a multifunctioning smart scanner on your phone. This app gives you the ability to scan documents on the run, saving time and effort while increasing efficiency for the agent on the go.

CamScanner is a must-have for an agent on the go.

6. BoxBrownie

BoxBrownie provides professional photo editing, virtual staging, and floor plan redraws at an extremely affordable price. I love their ability to remove clutter from countertops in photos and the twilight edit option. Eye-catching photos stop scrolling consumers in their tracks and BoxBrownie delivers those scroll-stopping photos.

The ability to turn poor to average photos into digital masterpieces makes BoxBrownie a go-to provider.

7. RoomScan Pro

RoomScan Pro is an app that gives you the ability to generate a floor plan using your smartphone. The floor plan can be produced by touching the walls, using your phone to scan the room, or by drawing it yourself.

If you’re tired of measuring rooms and using graph paper to show someone a not-so-perfect floor plan, then RoomScan Pro is for you.

8. MileIQ

MileIQ is a mileage tracking app that runs in the background of your phone tracking your driving mileage. Each trip will be placed on your app’s dashboard. A simple swipe to the right classifies the drive as business or a swipe left classifies the drive as personal. The reporting of your business travel can be sent to you via email by simply clicking on the send report button on the app or you can use the web portal for more advanced features.

Tracking mileage is a must for agents looking to reduce their taxes. MileIQ is the answer to this need.

9. Testimonial Tree

Testimonial Tree makes it easy to collect online testimonials and reviews. It provides a way to automate, manage, and share the best stories of your service. There is no better marketing than personal testimonials shared by your satisfied clients on their social media, review sites, or your website and social media sites.

Growing your number of online reviews should be a priority in 2022 and Testimonial Tree will help that priority become a reality.

10. provides an easy-to-use solution for digitally gathering visitor details to open houses. The automated lead follow-up system ensures that every prospect receives appropriate communications after the open house. The integration capabilities with almost all CRMs is another attractive feature.

One of my favorite features is the seller reports that keep your clients in the loop after the open house is completed. is a great tool for the agent who plans to host open houses this year.

11. Drones

The use of drone photography in marketing continues to expand. As the cost of drones has come down, so has the ease of use. The Federal Aviation Association (FAA) small drone rule went into effect on Aug. 29, 2016. This rule eased the restrictions on operating a drone by only requiring a “UAS Operator Certificate,” which does not require a pilot’s license.

If you’re looking for a way to quickly and effectively maximize your listing’s photography, investing in a drone and the proper licensing will be money and time well spent.

12. ShowingTime

You don’t earn the trust of over 950,000 agents without having a product that helps agents. ShowingTime has fully integrated scheduling options that streamline the showing process for both listing agents and buyer’s agents. The follow-up process after showings provides a great way to keep homeowners up to speed on the latest showing feedback from their homes.

If efficiency and organization improvement is on your list this year, make sure you are utilizing ShowingTime.

13. Ring Lights

Whether it be in photos, videos, or Zoom calls, the value of good lighting continues to increase. A ring light is a donut-like shaped light that produces flattering light for photos and videos. Although this tool may seem insignificant, proper lighting for your consumer-faced content is no longer a luxury; it is now required.

There are some different options available through Amazon, and the price in comparison to the enhancement makes using ring lights a no-brainer.

We live in an incredible time with so many options available to help us grow our businesses. Efficiency and quality enhancements are everywhere. Make this the year that you utilize tech tools to move your business to the next level.

By Jimmy Burgess

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