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Lunch & Learn a Great Sucess

Yesterday's event was a great success! A BIG THANK YOU to all that attended. You were all great and the questions were awesome. For those who missed it, too bad you missed something great. We had an amazing time learning about two topics that are critical to the success of any agent. Security and Marketing.

Our presenters covered how to secure your selves from hackers and what to do if you do get hacked. We covered procedures in place to prevent loss and what procedures are coming down the line. We gave real world examples of whats happening in the US and the dangers that are close to home. We also showed our guests how to protect themselves and the how to's to secure their emails, passwords, phone and communication with their title company.

Our marketing presentation was targeted to the growth of agent business. We covered how to conduct proper branding and the tools necessary to succeed. We showed how to best use these instruments and supplied examples for each one. Our guests where invited to create their own professional video and the roles it plays within the overall marketing plan. We also showed how these tools are used in all the media platforms. We also reviewed the new FREC changes and how they are going to affect the branding for agents.

The event ended to a strong round of applause from the attendees. Our team was swarmed by people asking to scheduled a follow up. We are here to help and are eagerly following up to assist with their marketing plans. We are currently taking suggestions for our next seminar so reach out to us with your suggestions. Additionally we will be creating a member only page where we will posts all the pictures of the event. Thank you again to all our friends that attended and we look forward to meeting you at the next event.

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