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5 ways experienced brokers can help new agents gain confidence

New agents often find success from the get-go when they approach every aspect of the job with confidence. As a leader, you can help rookies find their feet and grow that confidence by providing valuable advice, encouragement, and motivation.

Starting in the real estate industry can be a challenging time for most newly minted agents. There is a lot of industry and market knowledge to learn on the job, and there are ever-changing legalities, marketing initiatives, and self-branding opportunities that agents have to stay abreast of at all times.

However, one of the biggest hurdles I see new agents facing has little to do with those things — and more to do with issues that stem from a lack of confidence.

Brokers and office leaders must keep in mind that to help an agent build a successful career, you need to lay a strong foundation of confidence as they embark on their real estate journey. So, here are five ways brokers can help new agents gain confidence.

1. Mentor and coach

Oftentimes, agents get into this business after a successful career in another field. So many of the tactics and skills learned from other industries can easily be applied to real estate and can help you become even better at your job.

However, in some cases, agents might find it difficult to adapt, and they might end up losing confidence when they unsuccessfully try to apply their previous career skills to their new job.

This can be easily remedied by pairing a new agent with a more seasoned professional. Encourage them to find a coach who can walk them through the process. While a broker or office leader can troubleshoot or help on certain occasions, for a new agent, having a go-to expert source when issues arise will help them navigate the process and in turn increase their confidence.

2. Be an educational editor

Knowing your subject matter inside and out creates a deep sense of confidence for agents when speaking with clients and colleagues. But with so much information available, what should new agents be reading?

In your lifelong quest for knowledge, be sure to share great articles, book recommendations, podcasts, and more at sales meetings or via email so newer agents know where they should focus their time and efforts in the learning process.

There is no better editor of agent resources than seasoned professionals — aka, you!

3. Practice makes perfect

Be it an elevator pitch, cold phone call, on-the-fly opportunity to speak with a potential client, or a listing presentation, a new agent must approach the conversation with confidence to ensure a successful outcome.

This confidence will grow over time and with each conversation. However, I do encourage new agents to begin building that foundation by learning their talking and selling points by heart and practicing them with each other, friends, and also you. Be sure to be ready to give constructive feedback that they can learn and grow from.

4. Encourage and acknowledge

Nothing helps build and boost confidence like encouragement and acknowledgment of achievements. Make sure to celebrate each win a new agent achieves.

This can take place in the form of an email, phone call, in-person meeting, or even by giving them a “shoutout” during an office meeting.

5. Be a source of motivation

As an office leader, it’s important to not only be a trusted and reliable figure for a new agent but also to be there to provide motivation when needed. New agents will face many hurdles at the start of their careers, but the best leaders I have seen are always there to offer some wise words of wisdom and motivation.

You can deliver this motivation individually or share it with your whole team. You never know when a motivating story or shared experience will reach the right person at the right time and will give a new agent a boost of confidence they need.

A new agent will be most successful when they approach every aspect of the job with confidence. While this confidence naturally builds over time, a great leader will be able to help a new agent find their feet and grow their confidence by providing solid and valuable advice, as well as encouragement and motivation.

By Santiago Arana

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