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7 daily disciplines that'll make your business boom

Start by implementing at least one of these disciplines into your routine, or add even more for greater growth.

Practicing certain disciplines on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis compounds the results over time and leads to tremendous growth. So, if you’re looking for business growth, these disciplines will help.

1. Send one thank-you note per day

Start your day by writing a note to someone who has helped you personally or professionally, or send a note of congratulations to someone who deserves it. Thank that lender who went above and beyond. Thank the person who sent you a referral. Congratulate your past client who got a promotion or who had a baby or grandchild.

When you start your day looking for things to be thankful for, it establishes a mindset of recognizing and appreciating more of the things around you. Even better, when you show your appreciation to the people who have helped you, they are more inclined to do it again by sending even more opportunities your way.

The practice of handwritten notes is personal. It shows the recipients you care enough to take the time to recognize them. It sets you apart, and ultimately, it’s simply the right thing to do if you are wanting to be the best possible version of yourself.

Thank-you notes will help you set the right mindset for yourself, and they’ll also generate goodwill among the people you’re sending them to.

2. Add at least one person to your database every day

Your business grows in direct proportion to the number of people you add to your database and for whom you add value through consistent communication. These daily additions can come through circle prospecting, farming, referrals, marketing, or people you’ve met in your personal life.

If you want your business to grow faster, add more people to your database each day, and then do the work of helping them to know, like, and trust you using weekly emails and other communications that keep you top-of-mind.

The more personal your interactions are, the more likely you are to build a relationship that moves them toward becoming your customer. Adding new people to your database daily is the first step to better relationships and business growth.

3. Send a personalized property to at least one person per day

I’m sure you have automated emails going out with properties to the people in your database, but a personalized email on a specific property is extremely powerful.

Each day, find a property on your hot sheet that’s relevant to a buyer or a seller in your database. It could be a just-listed property that might interest your buyer or a just-sold property that could impact your sellers’ home value.

You’ll send it with an invitation for them to contact you with any questions, and the personal outreach will create momentum that tells the customer that you’re working hard on their behalf.

It’s a simple, personal way to launch a conversation that allows you to provide valuable information for your customers and build rapport that can lead to lifelong relationships.

4. Send one unsolicited video CMA each day

This practice personally helped me generate $11 million worth of listings over 72 days just by sending out one CMA a day to people in one of three groups:

  • People who told me they were interested in selling within the next year or two.

  • Past buyer clients who live in a home that I sold them.

  • People who are homeowners in the area, who I’d met through marketing activities like open houses and farming.

This is done by recording your screen to create a video explaining the updated valuation and emailing it to the seller. This screen recording can be done with a tool such as BombBomb, Loom, or even Zoom.

You’ll start the video by entering their address in Google Earth, showing them an aerial view of their home. This is not only an unexpected, catchy beginning for the homeowner, but it also creates curiosity about the view.

You’ll show active, pending, and sold comparable properties, and talk about specific properties that compare to their home. You’ll also provide data for three or four of the best comparable sales that will help you give a range of estimated values to the homeowner.

Next, you’ll show an estimated seller net sheet, which can be as simple as a Word document that includes the estimated selling price, typical closing costs for sellers in your market, and estimated net proceeds to the seller, excluding any mortgage payoff or prorations.

I’ve shared specific details about this process in the past because it has generated new opportunities for me even 18 months after I first began the process without any new outreach. If you send one of these per day, I promise you’ll see results. Get the full rundown on this strategy here.

5. Build next-10 and top-10 lists for your business

To keep your customers top-of-mind and to help you be strategic in your activities, build lists that will help you identify the next 10 people whose homes you’ll likely list or to whom you’ll likely sell a home and the top 10 referral partners for your business.

In the past, I’ve kept these lists right in front of my desk because they remind me to stay in touch with the people who are most likely to help my business.

For the customers, I worked hard to provide value to them and to help them know, like, and trust me as their chosen real estate expert. For the referrers, it reminded me to show my appreciation, and in doing so, it created new conversations and opportunities, and it helped me increase my conversion rates.

These lists will help you focus your efforts on the low-hanging fruit in your business, which will also help you generate focused growth.

6. Engage in at least 10 meaningful conversations each day

These interactive conversations can happen via email, phone, or text, and if they are truly meaningful, they’ll eventually lead to contracts. Industry data suggests that, on average, 50 meaningful conversations lead to a transaction.

By knowing how many conversations on average lead to a transaction for you, your understanding of how many conversations you need daily is easy to figure out.

Top producers initiate conversations with people instead of waiting for them to happen organically. When you concentrate on these conversations, you’ll generate more opportunities for yourself, which will result in more growth and more deals.

7. Routinely add systems to your business

This process won’t necessarily happen every single day, but you must think about it daily and routinely add systems to your business that will help you automate and streamline your activity.

Start by identifying weaknesses in your business and places where things aren’t running as smoothly as you’d like. Maybe you need a checklist for ensuring that new leads stay informed about new properties that come on the market.

Maybe you need to create a checklist for new listings that you take, for marketing a property, and for closing on a home. But don’t get overwhelmed by the number of systems you need in your business. Simply build them one at a time on your way to working more efficiently.

Systems ensure that you don’t skip any important steps in your processes and they help you leverage your time for maximum productivity. Because time is the most important resource we have, top producers look for ways to do more work with less effort. Systems help accomplish that. Here are 12 systems that will help you automate your business growth.

Your best strategy for business growth results from the intentional activities you engage in regularly. These disciplines will help you be strategic with your time and increase the number of opportunities available at any given time.

Start by implementing at least one of these disciplines into your routine, or add even more for greater growth. Focus on the things that are working, and build disciplines that will help you convert more customers and close more deals.

By Jimmy Burgess

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