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8 trending amenities that luxury buyers want in 2021

The home has become the center of the universe for many of us during the pandemic. In 2021, buyers are seeking unique amenities that make living and working from home exciting and comfortable.

Throughout the pandemic, we have witnessed a huge shift when it comes to the amenities our clients prioritize when purchasing a home. The amenities that used to fall under the “would be great to have” category has now become non-negotiable.

More than ever, the home has become the staycation, the office, the gym — you name it. In today’s world, home life is everything, and staying abreast of the latest and greatest amenities on the market is key. Here, we’ve outlined the amenities our clients are seeking when house-hunting in 2021.

1. Outdoor is king

While under lockdown, we have spent more and more time outdoors. The need for outdoor amenities has skyrocketed with buyers. From upgrading outdoor living and dining areas to installing state-of-the-art outdoor kitchens and barbecues, clients are hard-pressed on finding the perfect outdoor area for entertaining safely.

A perfect example of this is a client of ours who installed a retractable roof at home to capitalize on the incredible Southern California weather and provide the ultimate indoor-outdoor experience.

2. Kid-friendly features

With everyone working from home and homeschooling becoming a part of everyday life, the desire for more kid-friendly amenities has increased exponentially.

From large playrooms and outdoor half courts that can be used for basketball, skating, and scooter ride to incredible jungle gyms, sandboxes, and swimming pools, having kid-approved amenities has never been more important.

3. Work-from-home spaces:

The home office has become the go-to amenity for homebuyers. Clients are seeking spacious and quiet office spaces that are ideal for working from home. Aesthetically pleasing rooms that double as beautiful Zoom backgrounds are also a priority.

4. Sporting areas

During the pandemic, buyers have taken up new hobbies — including sporting activities. From batting cages to basketball courts and indoor simulated putting greens, clients want to have these amenities accessible to them at home so they can work on their game whenever they choose.

5. Home gyms

With many fitness centers and gyms still closed or open with limited hours and capacity, buyers are seeking state-of-the-art home fitness spaces. From the latest Pilates equipment to expertly crafted weight rooms, fitness rooms have become very important to buyers in this market.

6. Salons

Luxury buyers have become accustomed to at-home salon visits, with nail technicians and masseuses going directly to them for regular grooming. We’ve witnessed buyers seeking built-in salon spaces they can dedicate to pampering themselves within the comforts of home.

7. Kitchens with storage

The kitchen is truly the heart of the home, and buyers are now seeking kitchens with extra-large pantries or adjoining storage rooms where they can keep their essentials stocked, should any shortages occur.

8. Sanitizing amenities

Sanitizing stations in mudrooms, air filtration systems throughout the home and even guesthouses that can be used for quarantine purposes have all become the new normal for buyers in this market.

By James Harris and David Parnes

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