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Don't leave money on the table: 3 Tips for listing agents in a cooling market

Lady luck has nothing to do with that stellar price that smart agents snag for their sellers. Here are just a few strategies to help your sellers come out on top in this cooling market.

Puede tomar medidas reales y tangibles para que sus vendedores obtengan los mejores términos posibles para su propiedad, ¡no es solo suerte! Lo sé por experiencia. Con el tiempo, he aprendido que un vendedor informado es un vendedor feliz. Las decisiones son más fáciles de tomar, el tiempo tiene más sentido y las metas se ajustan a un ritmo natural.

Sabiendo que para ser exactos, se ha convertido en mi práctica decirles a mis vendedores qué pedirme, que me hagan responsable. Soy, a su vez, un mejor agente y mis vendedores están contentos porque saben que su transacción fue lo más exitosa posible.

La breve lista de cosas que todo vendedor debería pedir a sus agentes y lo que deberías estar dispuesto a ofrecer.

Creating urgency

This skill is all about strategy and timing to use supply and demand to your advantage. Keep tabs on the inventory within a few blocks of your listing, and wait for the pocket of time when yours is a unique offering.

If you are worried about showings, think about consolidating all showings to one day, so buyers see the property flooded with other potential buyers. Minor tweaks to your standard way of doing things can make a big difference!

Negotiation skills

As a Certified Negotiation Expert (CNE), I can tell you that brushing up on negotiation skills is never a bad idea. Negotiation is a toolset that only improves with intentional practice. Especially with the current market, it is essential to understand how to direct a multiple-offer situation in favor of your seller.

Knowing how to navigate multiple offers can be the difference between a very happy seller and a very disappointed one. Data is one of the best negotiation tools. When sending a counter-offer, including past sales that bolster your offer is the most effective way to tip the scale in your favor.


Even with a signed contract, a seller with a disengaged agent still stands to lose money before sitting at the closing table. Stay on top of any inspection items from the buy-side. Also, don’t forget about the appraisal!

At our brokerage, we not only attend every appraisal, but we also provide appraisers with comparable closed sales that support our sales price, as well as a comprehensive list of seller updates. These are the services that can be the difference between a transaction closing and not, and keep your seller’s bottom line in check.

It is tempting during a seller’s market to work on generating listings rather than focusing on top-notch client service, but think of your business’s long-term health: What will keep it alive in the long run? Referrals. And happy clients refer.

By Julie Busby

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