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Focus on these 5 people-first strategies to fuel your business

Updated: Apr 9

Forget high-tech tools and complex formulas for success. Building a satisfying real estate career comes down to these 5 people-centered steps.

My introduction to the real estate industry was one of coincidence. I was a fresh communications graduate from Augustana College, a tiny private school in Illinois, who couldn’t find work in the field in which I had just earned a degree.

After some fruitless job searching, I figured that adding another qualification to my resume might help boost my chances of professional success, so I started graduate studies in broadcast journalism.

One of my fellow students alerted me to a new marketing director job opening at her company — a Century 21 real estate office. I got the job and have been in real estate ever since.

Since landing that job, everything real estate-related in my life has been very intentional, and thankfully, I can say that’s allowed me to lead a fulfilling, successful career. Today, I am in the process of taking the lead of the brokerage business my husband, Eb, and I built together. It’s an exciting time for me, and I’m looking forward to what lies ahead.

Everyone has a different definition of what it means to be successful, especially in real estate, where there are so many different metrics. To me, however, success is measured by how much of a positive impact I can have on my community and how I can empower others to achieve their dreams.

At our company, ERA Live Moore, we like to say that we want to help clients and agents alike “live more.”

To that end, I believe there are certain best practices and philosophies that real estate professionals can employ to achieve this type of success.

1. Be authentic

In a world that’s becoming increasingly automated, where genuine human connection is being replaced by AI, be the bright interaction that the people in your sphere of influence look forward to.

Our business is based on building relationships, and if you can be a positive person with your own gravitational pull, business will always come your way.

2. Listen

Part of being authentic is listening. A person’s wants and needs aren’t just data points to throw into an Excel sheet; they’re a part of what that person needs to be happy.

Invite a conversaciones abiertas y honestas y tómese el tiempo para comprender lo que le dicen sus compañeros o clientes. La inteligencia emocional y la capacidad de leer entre líneas en una conversación son de gran ayuda.

3. Conozca la historia que cuentan sus números

Sí, es importante conocer tus cifras clave, pero es aún más importante saber cómo presentar las tendencias y las historias que cuentan de manera humana. El sector inmobiliario es una industria impulsada por las personas.

4. Surround yourself with different people

Por mucho que a todos nos gustaría ser la enciclopedia definitiva del conocimiento, es más fácil (e incluso mejor) rodearnos de personas más inteligentes y diferentes que nosotros. Todo el mundo necesita comprar una casa, y eso significa que interactuará con personas de todos los ámbitos de la vida que tienen necesidades únicas de las que es imposible tener conocimiento de antemano.

Adopte los esfuerzos de DEI y comprenda que cuantas más personas singulares se rodee, más completo se volverá usted mismo.

5. Embrace life-long learning

One of the biggest reasons I fell in love with real estate is that it provides new opportunities every day. It provides new relationships, new resources, and most importantly, new chances to learn.

You don’t need to store everything in your brain all the time; you just have to be willing to open your eyes when new information comes your way.

I see having a real estate license as having the ultimate gift that keeps on giving. Buying a home is the greatest investment a person can make, and most of our lives happen at home.

We get to work with people through every phase of their lives and I believe that we can define our level of success by our ability to help others make and enjoy this investment.

By: Tania Moore

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