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How to Efficiently Downsize Your Home with a Pet

Perhaps you've decided it is time to downsize your home and move into something smaller.

You might be looking to save money or have less square footage to clean daily. If you have pets, you are likely thinking about their needs and how you can help them to feel as comfortable as possible. Discover what factors to keep in mind and how you can help your dog or cat as you move from a bigger house to something smaller. If you need help figuring out what to do with your downsize, let the following advice from All Real Estate Title Solutions guide you.

Start the Search for a New Home for You and Your Pet

Before you begin anything, it's crucial to search for the type of home you and your pet would benefit from the most. Now is a good time to ask yourself questions such as:

● Do you plan to move out of state?

● Do you need or want a yard?

● Will you live somewhere that has a homeowner's association?

● How much space does your pet need to move around and be comfortable?

Figure out how many bedrooms and baths you'll need. While the place you eventually put bids on might not reflect your ideal home to a T, having a vision of what you want can be helpful to guide your choice.

Make sure you understand the requirements for getting a mortgage. Contact banks and find out what the rates are for different mortgages. Veterans may qualify for a VA loan, which will likely have a lower rate than a conventional or FHA mortgage, for example. It’s also best to evaluate the local housing market where you plan to buy. Even if you have the financing available, it may not be a good time to buy.

Keep in mind that if you don’t want to purchase a new home, that’s perfectly okay! Many wonderful apartments can accommodate both you and your pet. You can begin your search by using listing sites that allow you to filter options like the number of bedrooms and, of course, pet-friendliness.

Get Your Current Home Ready for Sale

As you prepare to move out of your current home, you'll need to get it ready for sale. Start going through items in your house and pitching what you no longer need or cannot fit into your new home. Minimizing possessions is vital for downsizing and has other benefits.

Make note of areas that need repairs. You don't need to go overboard, but little touch-ups can make the difference. A new coat of paint can help, as can getting lawn care services. Ensure your grass is mowed and you have a nice yard to enhance curb appeal. Expect the cost to increase if you need pruning, fertilizing, irrigation, or any type of hardscaping. Research lawn care services online, and pick a well-reviewed company to ensure you’re getting top-quality work.

Keep Your Pet Comfortable During the Transition

According to experts, your pets can understand when change is coming, and they are likely to be scared by it. Your dog or cat might worry that you are leaving them forever, or not understand they are going to a different home.

Make the transition easier for your pets by keeping out their favorite toy, blanket, and bed and packing them last. Try to keep potty, meal times, and even exercise the same, so you have a routine to adhere to.

Watch your own stress levels as they can make your own pet more anxious. If your pet is anxious from the move and you’re at the office for long hours, have a pet sitter or friend drop by to check up on them and keep them company.

Help Set Up Your Pet in the New Home with Food and Gear

Once you are moved in, set up an area for your pets so they can develop familiarity with their new home. Take dogs for walks around the neighborhood so they can get used to the smells and sounds. This helps them become acclimatized to where they live now.

Don’t forget that if you need a little help walking your dog while you’re settling into your new home, you can easily find dog walkers in your area online. It’s a good idea to invest in a dog harness to prevent escape. Look for a harness that’s comfortable, durable, and adjustable.

Lastly, make sure you’re feeding your dog plenty of healthy food. Feeding your pet all-natural food can help ensure that their immune systems are ready for the change in environment. Switching to a new food can be difficult and expensive, so consider purchasing trial sizes - this may help you find the right choice for your pet without having to spend too much money.

It is possible to downsize your home while keeping your pet's needs in mind. Once you have purchased or rented a new place to live, take steps to ensure your pet is safe, well-fed with healthy food, comfortable, and free of stress.

By Shirley Martin

"Shirley turned her neat freak personality into a business when she became a home organizer. When she isn’t busy working her magic on homes in need of her special touch, she is sharing helpful tips on her site, Tidy Life Today."

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